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Children's Liturgy

Children's Liturgy

The liturgy is a sacred element of morning Mass each Sunday throughout the year and all children of Primary School age are invited to take part.

Many parishioners serve in the team of Leaders who provide fully for the children and offer them an experience of faith and practice suitable for their age group.

The children of P1-P2 age meet in the Children’s Liturgy Room which is located at the main entrance to the church. This room is fully furnished and equipped for their use.

Children of P3-P7 age group meet in the parish hall.

The two groups of children process from the church to their location immediately after the Collect Prayer to begin their liturgy and come back together at the rear of the church and process down the centre aisle to the altar at the Offertory. The children are greeted warmly and patiently by the congregation and they feel valued and as contributors to this special time of worship by the whole community.

The Sacramental preparation for P3 children is led by participation in the Advent Liturgies and the Big Hug programme which was written by Fr. Gerry Bogan, now Parish Priest in St. Columba’s Viewpark.

The programme for the celebration of First Holy Communion in this parish by the children of P4 follows the same pattern using the Faith Friends scheme which was also written by Fr. Bogan.

All children of St. Brendan’s Primary School whose families wish them to celebrate either of these two sacraments in this parish must complete the designated preparation programme or demonstrate that they have followed an equivalent programme elsewhere.

From time to time the children who regularly attend at the Children’s Liturgy in the church will lead the Sunday morning Mass. 17th November and 15th December have been set aside for this and full preparation is given to the children by the leaders.

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